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Here at Tracrefund, what is most paramount to us is our clients' getting their hard earned money back.

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We review your complaints

We review every complaint and we treat each case differently with the same level of attention.

Gather Inteligence & Tackle the issue

We gather every bit of inteligence we can and review the geniuness of each case before going ahead to tackle the issue.

Get back what's rightfully yours

We get back to you what's rightfully yours; yes, every bit of it.


Who we are

We are a team made up of professionals who have suffered cases similar to yours. We understand how easy it is to get swindled of one's hard earned money on the internet these days and that's why we have come together to help people like you and protect the entire community by helping you fight back for your right.

What we do

Our team is made up of excellent industy professionals who are skilled in basically whatever it takes to help you get your money back in the shortest possible time-frame. Our goal here is simple; fight for your rights and get any money or assest you might have lost to any cyber crime - online trading scams, binary option trading scams, cryptocurrency scams, online dating scams etc..


Great team with great ideas

Tracrefund has the best experts that are always on deck to provide solution for whatever issues our clients have.

We can help you differentiate between the real and the fakes and also refer you to several real websites where you'll get your money's worth and guess what? You do not have to beg them for your money anymore, we would get them and your money back for you. We are in the 21st century, nothing is untraceable. They can be nearly untraceable but with bits of leads, we plot step by step and get back what is yours.
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164,113 Happy Clients
125,200 Closed Cases
1580 Open Cases

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